The LB6M is a 24 port SFP+ (10Gbit) switch. It supports features like QoS, VLANs, VLAN Routing, ...

Basic Configuring

The first thing you will need to do is connect to your switch via the serial console port. After that you will need to login and  a shell will appear. You can type to see a list of all commands, as you can see this list is quite small. This is because we are not in the mode where we can make changes, that is called the privileged mode. To enter it simply write enable and enter your password.

Writing ? again will show a much bigger list of commands.

Never write clear in the console. This does not "clear/clean" the console. It erases the config!

You might note that it will show --More-- or (q)uit. Pressing enter will show you the next list, q will exit the list and pressing anything else will show the entire list.

Understanding the manual

When I first opened the manual and try to understand it I might have read to fast over it and directly went searching for what I need. That didn't really work. Let's quickly take a look at how the manual is structured so you can understand it better. I'm gonna work with VLANs, I would like to change the name of a VLAN. A quick search in the manual shows that I can write show vlan to get a list of all VLANs. Great, Scrolling a bit further I can see point which gives me the option to change the VLAN name. Simply write vlan name <VLAN_ID> <VLAN_NAME>.

Sadly that's not it. We forgot to do one important thing. Under the same point ( you will see "Command Mode". We forgot to enter the VLAN configuration mode.
To enter this we need to write vlan database. Once you have written that you will see a (Vlan) appear as a suffix.

Now you can write the command that is shown in the manual. Now when you exit the vlan configuration mode. And write show vlan brief, you'll see that VLAN9 is in fact now called test.

TLDR; always check the Command Mode to see in which context you will need to execute your command. Also some commands or command options just don't work for some reason.


Here is the LB6M manual with FASTPATH QOS. In the beginning the manual is kind of confusion. We'd suggest you read Basic Configuring to get started.

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