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By default when a user's password or account is locked you will just get a password incorrect error, even if your password is correct. That is very frustrating for the end user.
On this page it will be shown how you can show the message that the account is locked, ...

The original documentation for this is available at

Inside the file `conf/authn/password-authn-config.xml` you will have to add this

    <util:map id="shibboleth.authn.Password.ClassifiedMessageMap">
        <!-- ... THERE MIGHT BE MORE IN HERE -->
        <entry key="AccountDisabled">
        <entry key="AccountExpired">
        <entry key="AccountLocked">
                <value>Clients credentials have been revoked</value>
        <entry key="ChangePassword">
        <!-- ... THERE MIGHT BE MORE IN HERE -->

For the translations messages edit your `` file like this

AccountDisabled = account-disabled
AccountExpired = account-expired
AccountLocked = account-locked
ChangePassword = change-password

account-disabled.message = Your account is disabled. Contact <a href="">ISW</a> for more info.
account-expired.message = Your account has expired. You will need to login on our website via UCLL. If you are not a student (anymore), please contact <a href="">ISW</a> for more info.
account-locked.message = Your account is locked. You or someone else may have made too many login attempts to this account.
change-password.message = You must change your password before authenticating here. More info at <a href=""></a>.

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